Our Vision

A clean, friendly, growing downtown.


The DDA’s vision is a downtown that is stable and growing; encourages economic development and business diversity; is walk-able and pedestrian friendly; and is safe and clean. This is a downtown in which business, residents and visitors can take pride, visit frequently, and use to its fullest potential.

The mission of the Grand Forks Downtown Development Association (DDA) is to advocate for the interests of the downtown area in terms of marketing and branding; business recruitment and retention; public policy, managing and maintaining physical improvements, capital projects, programming, and taxing authority


Alexander "Blue" Weber
Executive Director, GFDDA


Areas of the city where the DDA is active:

  • Beautification & Maintenance

  • Planning & Zoning

  • Parking

  • Walkability/Safety

  • Wayfinding

  • Economic Development

  • Density

  • Housing

Notable projects we've accomplished recently:

  • Town Square Ice Skating Rink

  • American Flags for Downtown light poles

  • Regular clean up days in the warmer months

  • Advocates for development

  • Parking lot/alley project with Edgewood

  • Coordination of Downtown flowers with the City Planning Office

  • Bike rack near Grand Forks Central High School

  • Advocates for Parklet Pilot Program

Downtown Cleanup Volunteers in Town Square